tree peony
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Rockii Tree Peony

varieties (Intersectionals / Itoh peonies)

Bartzella(Anderson 1986)large double yellow with small red center (blotch), strong grower, nice foliage, height 80-90 cm, one of the best and most expensive ItohsBartzella
Border Charm(Hollingsworth 1984)yellow petals, single flower, pale at edges
Callies Memory(Anderson 1990)yellow cream blooms, maroon flares, picotee edges, nice foliage semi double, height 80-90 cmCallies Memory
Canary Brilliants(Anderson 1995)light yellow, almost double, no markings, height 80-90 cm
Copper Kettle(Anderson 1999)apricot- copper coloured, later three coloured, semi double, height 80-90 cmCopper Kettle
Cora Luise(Anderson 1986)large white semi-double, blooms with lavender to purple flares, nice foliage, flower is similar to peonia rockii, height 80-90 cmCora Luise
Court Jester(Anderson 1992)small single yellow, blooms semi- double to double form, red flare, height 70-80 cmCourt Jester
Creamy Peach(Anderson 1994)cream coloured flower
First Arrival(Anderson 1986)pink to lavender blooms semi-double to double form, height 80-90 cmFirst Arrival
Garden Treasure(Hollingsworth 1984)semi-double to nearly full double, open yellow golden, petals lightly flared scarlet, green and cream center with pink stigmas, side buds, nice foliage, height 60-70 cmGarden Treasure
Going Bananas(Anderson)banana coloured, single flower
Hidden Treasure(Seidl 1989)light yellow, single, sometimes double flower with light red flares, treasure means flower
Hillary(Anderson 1994)bright pink, later creme, semi-double, height 80-90 cmHillary
Impossible Dream(Smith 2004)semi-double or double deep lavender-pink flowers (silver edges white flares)
Joanna Marlene(Anderson 1994)semi-double, bi coloured flower, dark pink petals - inside golden
Julia Rose(Anderson 1989)blooms semi double to single, opens cherry red, then to orange and yellow, height 80-90 cmJulia Rose
Kaleidoscope(Anderson)striped flower, similar to LollipopKaleidoscope
Lafayette Escadrille(Pehrson/Seidl 1989)dark red single smalish flower, height 70-90 cm
Lemon Dream(Anderson 1995)semi double, yellow flowerLemon Dream
Lollipop(Anderson 1996)semi double to double flower with candy cane striped flowers, height 80-90 cmLollipop
Love Affair(Hollingsworth 2005)semi-double, white flowers like symmetrical bowls
Luxuriant(Anderson 1986)similar to Cora Luise
Morning Lilac(Anderson 1993)blooms medium size, lavender pink colour dark cart, nice floliage, height 80-90 cmMorning Lilac
Norwegian Blush(Anderson 1999)light rose, darker towards the center, single flower, height 80-90 cmNorwegian Blush
Old Rose Dandy(Laning 1983)flower yellow-beige with purplish blend, double form
Oriental Gold(jap.)yellow-gold flower
Pastel Splendor(Anderson/Seidl 1995)semi-double, yellow- pastel with dark red purple glore at the base of the petals, height 80-90 cmPastel Splendor
Pink Double Dandy(Smith 2004)semi-dobule to double rose-lavender flower
Prairie Charm(Hollingsworth 1992)lemon-yellow, semi-double flower with red flares, height 60-70 cm
Prairie Sunshine(Hollingsworth 2005)creme (pale yellow)
Raggedy Ann(Anderson)large white flowers with red flares, raggedy petals
Rose Fantasy(Seidl 1989)single purplish red flowers (dusty rose with darker flares)
Royal Blush(Anderson)cream-single flower with pink centre, sometimes different in colour
Scarlet Heaven(Anderson 1993)scarlet red blooming, single flower, nice foliage, height 80-90 cmScarlet Heaven
Sequestered Sunshine(Anderson 1993)yellow cut flowers, long stems, height 80-90 cmSequestered Sunshine
Singing In The Rain(Smith 2004)semi-double to double yellow with rose nuance
Smith Family Jewel(Smith 2002)semi-double to double rose flower
Sonoma Amethyst(Tolomeo 2002)purple- rose cooloured, singleSonoma Amethyst
Sonoma Apricot(Tolomeo 1999)apricot coloured, turning to yellow, nice foliageSonoma Apricot
Sonoma Floozy(Tolomeo 2002)yellow- rose coloured, single, strong growthSonoma Floozy
Sunshine Sensation(Anderson 1999)nice yellow semi-double to double flower with lavender flare
Unique(Anderson 1993)strong red single flowerUnique
Viking Full Moon(Pehrson/Seidl 1989)single light greenish- yellow, soft flower petals forming a flull moon, nice foliage
Watermelon Wine(Anderson 1999)single red-pink flower with strawberry-red flareWatermelon Wine
White Emperior(Anderson 1989)white, single to semi-double
Yellow Crown(Itoh-Smirnow 1974)light yellow, semi double flower with red blotchYellow Crown
Yellow Doodle Dandy(Smith 2002)double, yellow flower
Yellow Dream(Itoh-Smirnow 1974)light yellow, semi double flower with red blotch, height 40-50 cm
Yellow Emperor(Itoh-Smirnow 1974)light yellow, semi double flower with red blotch, height 40-50 cmYellow Emperor
Yellow Gem(Itoh-Smirnow 1974)light yellow, semi double flower with red blotch, height 40-50 cmYellow Gem
Yellow Heaven(Itoh-Smirnow 1974)light yellow, semi double flower with red blotch, height 40-50 cm
Yellow Waterlily(Anderson 1999)yellow semi-double flowers with lavender flares like a waterlilyYellow Waterlily
Yes We Can(Gießler 2009)Yes We Can