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name translation flower colour flower form picture
BAI LONG FAI JIN light yellow
BAI YU CUI light yellow filled Rockii Peony: BAI YU CUI
BEI GUO FENG GUANG Gansu landscapes light yellow crown Rockii Peony: BEI GUO FENG GUANG
BING SHAN YING HUI light yellow filled Rockii Peony: BING SHAN YING HUI
CHU FENG HUAN CAO little phoenix return court light yellow Rockii Peony: CHU FENG HUAN CAO
E HUANG light yellow crown
FO TOU QUING light yellow filled Rockii Peony: FO TOU QUING
FU GUI SHAN JIN XIAN light yellow filled
FUO TOU QIN light yellow proliferate
GUO CUI light yellow
HUANG GUAN light yellow filled
HUANG HE yellow river light yellow rose Rockii Peony: HUANG HE
HUANG HE LOU yellow river pagode light yellow
HUANG YUN yellow cloud light yellow filled Rockii Peony: HUANG YUN
HUANG ZHONG light yellow filled
JU HUA HUANG yellow chrysanthemum light yellow filled Rockii Peony: JU HUA HUANG
KONGLUNQIUSE light yellow filled
KUN LUN QIU SE autumn colour in the Kun Lun mountains light yellow hydrangea Rockii Peony: KUN LUN QIU SE
LIN LIAN WO XUE light yellow filled
LU HU DIE light yellow hydrangea
MA NAO YIANG CUI light yellow filled
TAO HUANG light yellow lotos
XIANG RU light yellow
XIANG YUN light yellow filled Rockii Peony: XIANG YUN
XUE SHAN TAO JIN gold dotted in snow mountain light yellow filled Rockii Peony: XUE SHAN TAO JIN
YAO HUANG light yellow
YI ZUI XUE light yellow rose Rockii Peony: YI ZUI XUE
YU BAN XIU QIU jade petal with glow light yellow filled
YU LONG BEI jade dragon's cup light yellow single
YU LOU CANG JIN light yellow filled Rockii Peony: YU LOU CANG JIN
YU RONG DAN XIN light yellow filled
ZHONG CHUAN HUANG white of central plains light yellow
ZI YAN DAN BAN light yellow
BAI NIAO CHAO FENG yellow filled
GAO YUAN SHEN QIU late autumn on the high plateau yellow rose
Gelbe aus Riga yellow peony from Riga yellow single Rockii Peony: Gelbe aus Riga
HONG JIN YU ZHUI yellow scarf with jade tassel yellow hydrangea
HONG SHU LIN red forest yellow single
HUANG SHAN CHEN XI morning glory on Yellow Mountain yellow single
HUANG TU GAO YUAN high plateau's yellow earth yellow single
JUAN BIAN HUANG yellow curled edge yellow anemone
XIAO XUE HAI BING XIN icy heart in the small sea yellow single
YIN SI BAI silver with thread yellow single

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