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name translation flower colour flower form picture
BAI XUE GONG ZHU white rose Rockii Peony: BAI XUE GONG ZHU
BAI YI DA XIA cavalier with the white coat white rose
BAI YU LAN white rose Rockii Peony: BAI YU LAN
BAO SHI LAN blue diamond blue-pink rose
BEI JI HU fox in snow white rose
BING SHAN DIAN YUN icy mountain in rosy mist white rose
CHEN YUAN ZI Chen's purple purple rose
DA BAN HONG white rose Rockii Peony: DA BAN HONG
DA QIAN SHI JIE the endless universe pink rose
ER LONG XI ZHU blue rose Rockii Peony: ER LONG XI ZHU
FEI TIAN flying fairy white rose Rockii Peony: FEI TIAN
FEN DIE CHU YU pink butterfly wings white rose Rockii Peony: FEN DIE CHU YU
FEN LOU CHA CUI emerald in the pink pavilion white-pink rose
FEN XIANG YU white rose Rockii Peony: FEN XIANG YU
FEN YAN JIAO graceful pink lady white-pink rose Rockii Peony: FEN YAN JIAO
FENG HUO TAI blue rose Rockii Peony: FENG HUO TAI
FU LI HONG rich red and beautiful purple rose Rockii Peony: FU LI HONG
GAO YUAN SHEN QIU late autumn on the high plateau yellow rose
GUANG HUI LI CHENG purple-red rose
GUI FU REN real Lady white rose
HE LUO YIN HAI crane's landing on Si Wu sea white rose
HEI TIAN E black swan black-red rose Rockii Peony: HEI TIAN E
HONG BAN JU HUA BAI white chrysanthum with red blotch white rose
HONG LOU CANG JIN red pavilion hides gold purple rose
HONG YANG FEI pink rose Rockii Peony: HONG YANG FEI
HONG YI SHAO NU girl in red purple rose
HONG YU FAN LANG giant waves of red rain purple rose
HUANG HE yellow river light yellow rose Rockii Peony: HUANG HE
HUO YAN SHAN pink rose
JIN LIAN gold lotus white-pink rose Rockii Peony: JIN LIAN
JIN XIN SHI ZI white rose Rockii Peony: JIN XIN SHI ZI
JIN YU XI SHUI playing of the gold fishes blue rose
JIU ZHOU HONG pink-rose rose Rockii Peony: JIU ZHOU HONG
LAN FU RONG blue hibiscus blue rose
LAN HAI blue sea blue rose
LAN TIAN YU white-blue rose Rockii Peony: LAN TIAN YU
LU MU DAN light-green rose
LUE HU DIE white rose Rockii Peony: LUE HU DIE
MEI REN MIAN pink rose
MO CHI YAN XIA black pond with smooky clouds pink rose Rockii Peony: MO CHI YAN XIA
MO CHI YING YUE dark pond with reflecting moon pink rose
MO TONG XI JIN pink-red rose Rockii Peony: MO TONG XI JIN
NING AN HONG red rose Rockii Peony: NING AN HONG
PING DING LU white rose Rockii Peony: PING DING LU
QI LIAN CAI HONG rainbow up to Qi Lan pink rose Rockii Peony: QI LIAN CAI HONG
QIANG WEI FEN pink rose pink rose
QING YUN BAI white rose Rockii Peony: QING YUN BAI
REN MIAN TAO HUA pink rose Rockii Peony: REN MIAN TAO HUA
RI MU GUI TUO camel's return at sunset purple rose
ROU QING SI SHUI white rose
SHAN HU ZAN purple rose
TAI KONG REN astronaut multi rose
TAN HUA FEN pink rose pink rose
TAO HUA FEI XUE pink rose Rockii Peony: TAO HUA FEI XUE
TAO RONG purple rose
TAO YUAN JAU HUI pink rose
TAO YUAN JIN GE purple-red rose
WAN XUE YING CHUN late snow welcomes spring white rose Rockii Peony: WAN XUE YING CHUN
WU LONG JIAO HAI black dragon goes over the sea blue rose
XI CAO BAI white rose Rockii Peony: XI CAO BAI
XIANG WANG white-pink rose Rockii Peony: XIANG WANG
XIANG YA BAI ivory whithe white rose Rockii Peony: XIANG YA BAI
XIAO BAN LAN XIU QIU globe embroidered with a blue blotch purple rose
XIAO XUE light snow white rose
XUE HAI CANG JIN white rose Rockii Peony: XUE HAI CANG JIN
XUE SHAN FEI HONG rainbow over Snow Mountain white rose
XUE ZHAN CHANG BAN PO battle at Chang Ban Pass white rose
YI JIE JIN LAN pledge friendship purple rose
YI ZUI XUE light yellow rose Rockii Peony: YI ZUI XUE
YIN LOU HUI CAI colour and pictures in the silver pagode white rose
YIN YANG SHAN white rose
YING XIONG HONG purple rose Rockii Peony: YING XIONG HONG
YOU ZHU SHA pink-red rose
YU GUAN CAI DAI jade crown with colourful belt white rose
YU NU TAN HAI jade girl is exploring the sea white rose
YU TU TIAN XIAN white-pink rose Rockii Peony: YU TU TIAN XIAN
ZHONG CHUAN YU jade in central plains white rose Rockii Peony: ZHONG CHUAN YU
ZHONG XIN PENG YUE stars holding moon white rose Rockii Peony: ZHONG XIN PENG YUE
ZI HEI YIN BO silver waves in purple sea red rose
ZI YUAN YANG purple Mandarine duck red rose
ZI ZHEN ZHU purple pearl pink-red rose
ZI ZHU LIN purple bamboo forest purple rose
ZUI MEI REN pink rose Rockii Peony: ZUI MEI REN

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