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name translation flower colour flower form picture
BAI PAO JIN DAI white robe with silk belt white hydrangea
BAI ZHANG BING great ice cliff white hydrangea Rockii Peony: BAI ZHANG BING
BING SHAN YIN HUI white hydrangea
CHU E ZHAN CHI spreading wings of a young goose pink hydrangea
CHUN JIANG YAN BO smoke and waves on Chun River pink hydrangea
DIAO CHAN BAI YUE Diao Chan bows to the moon blue-pink hydrangea Rockii Peony: DIAO CHAN BAI YUE
ER QIAO LI XIANG multi hydrangea
FEI YAN GUI CHAO swallows coming home pink hydrangea
FEN GE PIAO CAI pink pavilion pink hydrangea
FEN GUAN CAI DIE crown pink with colourful belt pink hydrangea
FEN TAI XIANG CUI pink tower with emeralds multi hydrangea
FENG JUAN CAN YUN wind is playing with the clouds pink hydrangea
FENG ZI XIU pink hydrangea
GAO LOU CANG JIAO white hydrangea
GONG DENG lantern of the palace purple hydrangea
HE PING TIAN SHI angel of peace multi hydrangea
HE PING XIU QIU red hydrangea
HONG JIN YU ZHUI yellow scarf with jade tassel yellow hydrangea
HONG LOU FEI YAN purple hydrangea
HONG LOU WAN ZHANG great red pavilion purple hydrangea
HONG PING HONG red hydrangea
HONG TAI CHA CUI red hydrangea
HONG TAI YIN GE red tower with the silver balcony red hydrangea
HONG ZHUANG SU GUO plain red pink-red hydrangea
JIN CHENG LAN gold city blue blue hydrangea
KUN LUN QIU SE autumn colour in the Kun Lun mountains light yellow hydrangea Rockii Peony: KUN LUN QIU SE
LAN LOU YU DAI blue robe with jade belt purple hydrangea
LIU CHUN beautiful spring red hydrangea
LONG YOU ER QIAO multicolor hydrangea
LU HU DIE light yellow hydrangea
MEI GUI HONG pink-red hydrangea
MO YUN black cloud black-red hydrangea
SAI BAI HE white hydrangea
SHEN GUANG YU LU morning dew pink hydrangea
TAO HUA NU girl with the peach blossom pink hydrangea
TIAN GAO YUN DAN white hydrangea
WU DUO JIN HUA gold maiden white hydrangea
XIANG LU ZI YAN purple smoke on the Lu Mountain purple hydrangea
XUE YE HAN YAN cold smoke in snow wilderness white hydrangea
XUE YUAN XING HUO twinkling light on snow plateau white hydrangea
YAN RAO BAI TA smoke is encircling the white pagode white hydrangea
YIN XIAN DIAO JIN GUI fishing for a gold turtle with silver thread pink hydrangea
YING ZHUANG SU GUO range of snow mountains white hydrangea
YU GE CANG JIN white hydrangea
YUE ZHAO KUN LUN moonlight on Kun Lun Mountain white hydrangea
ZHAO XIA red hydrangea
ZHONG SHAN FENG YU rain and wind on Zhong Mountain pink hydrangea

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