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name translation flower colour flower form picture
BING XIN YE GUANG BEI black single
DA BAN ZI large purple blotch black lotos
HEI WANG ZI black prince black lotos
HEI ZHOU CHOU black silk black single
Mo GUAN YU ZHU black crown jade pearl black
ZI DIE CHU YU wings of the purple young butterfly black single
HEI XUAN FENG black spinning wind black-purple single Rockii Peony: HEI XUAN FENG
HEI ZI CANG JIN gold dotted on dark purple black-purple
ZI KUI black-purple lotos Rockii Peony: ZI KUI
GU CHENG XIANG HUI meeting in ancient city black-red single Rockii Peony: GU CHENG XIANG HUI
HE XUANG FENG black-red single
HEI BAO black-red single Rockii Peony: HEI BAO
HEI FENG DIE black butterfly black-red single Rockii Peony: HEI FENG DIE
HEI RONG LIAN black-red single Rockii Peony: HEI RONG LIAN
HEI TIAN E black swan black-red rose Rockii Peony: HEI TIAN E
HEI ZI YAN XIA black-red Rockii Peony: HEI ZI YAN XIA
LI SHI MO KUI best black Li black-red crown
MO GUAN YIN XIAN black crown with silver thread black-red filled
MO HAI YIN ZHOU silver boat in black sea black-red filled
MO YUN black cloud black-red hydrangea
MUO HAI YIN BO black-red lotos
YUE GUANG BAI black-red
ZHONG CHUAN HEI JIN black-red single

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