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name translation flower colour flower form picture
AO YUN SHENG HUO pink anemone
BAO DAO SHU GUANG treasure island in morning light multi anemone
CHA HUA FENG pink-red anemone
CHUAN JIN DAI YIN wearing silver and gold purple anemone
DA MO TUO LING like a bell from the desert multi anemone
DAI YU ZANG HUA mirror of life pink anemone
FEN GUAN CAI DIE pink butterfly pink anemone
FEN LOU DIAN JIN pink-golden tower multi anemone
FEN SHI ZI pink anemone
FEN ZHEN ZHU pink pearl multi anemone
FENG YAN SI QI multi anemone
FU ZHU Buddhist's prayer beads multi anemone
FUO ZHU bicolour anemone
GENG SHANG YI CENG LOU purple anemone
HEI ZHEN ZHU black pearl darkpurple anemone Rockii Peony: HEI ZHEN ZHU
HONG GUANG YING TIAN red sky red anemone
HONG HAI QING LONG red ocean with green dragon purple anemone
HONG HAI YIN BO silver waves in red ocean white-pink anemone Rockii Peony: HONG HAI YIN BO
HONG HAI YIN LANG red ocean with silver waves pink anemone
HONG Hai YING BO red anemone
HONG XIA MAN TIAN red clouds in the sky purple anemone
HONG YUN SHAN mountain of red clouds pink anemone
HONG YUN TU QI cloud sudden red purple anemone
JIAO YU graceful girl white anemone
JU HUA purple anemone
JU HUA BAI chrysanthemum white white anemone Rockii Peony: JU HUA BAI
JUAN BIAN HUANG yellow curled edge yellow anemone
LAN HAI YIN LANG silver waves in blue sea purple anemone
LAN ZHENG ZHU blue pearl pink-blue anemone
QI E WO BING penguins on the ice white anemone
QI LIAN ZHAO HUI dawn of the Qi Lian Mountain multi anemone
WU YAN LIU SE multicoloured purple anemone
XIAO HONG TA red small tower purple anemone
XING LONG RUI XUE snow on Xing Mountain white anemone
XUE SHAN YU HUI snow mountain in evening glow bicolour anemone
YIN SHAN DAN XIA red clouds over the Silver Mountain white anemone
YU HU BING XIN white anemone Rockii Peony: YU HU BING XIN
YU LOU FEN pink jade pavilion pink anemone
ZHENG ZHU BAI white anemone Rockii Peony: ZHENG ZHU BAI
ZI GUAN YU DAI purple crown with jade belt purple-red anemone
ZI GUI YIN MAI silver veins of purple osmanthus purple anemone
ZI HAI YING BO silver waves on purple sea purple anemone
ZI TA DIAN JIN purple gold tower red anemone
ZI TA XIANG CUI purple tower with emeralds purple anemone
ZI YUN FENG purple summit of clouds pink anemone

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