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name translation flower colour flower form picture
WAN HUA HONG late red flower pink lotos
WAN HUA ZI late purple flower pink lotos
WAN JIN FU GUI rose-red Rockii Peony: WAN JIN FU GUI
WAN JING FU GUI pink lotos
WAN XIA pink filled
WAN XUE YING CHUN late snow welcomes spring white rose Rockii Peony: WAN XUE YING CHUN
WANG GONG YUAN palace inttrigue multi lotos
WEN JUN XIN MENG Wen Jun's dream white-pink filled
WEN XIN pink lotos Rockii Peony: WEN XIN
WU CAI ZI XIU QIU multicoloured purple embroidered globe purple filled Rockii Peony: WU CAI ZI XIU QIU
WU DIAN MEI red single
WU DUO JIN HUA gold maiden white hydrangea
WU FA HONG YAN pink filled
WU FA LAN DAI dark hair with blue belt white single Rockii Peony: WU FA LAN DAI
WU JIAO XING star white single
WU KONG XIU XING journey of Wo Kong white single Rockii Peony: WU KONG XIU XING
WU KONG XIU XING Wu Kong's Meditation white single
WU LONG JIAO HAI black dragon goes over the sea blue rose
WU NU white-pink single Rockii Peony: WU NU
WU SI FENG XIAN white single Rockii Peony: WU SI FENG XIAN
WU XIA YU white filled Rockii Peony: WU XIA YU
WU XING YU white single Rockii Peony: WU XING YU
WU YAN LIU SE multicoloured purple anemone

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