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name translation flower colour flower form picture
GAO GAN HONG purple lotos
GAO LOU CANG JIAO white hydrangea
GAO YUAN FENG QING white-blue filled (light) Rockii Peony: GAO YUAN FENG QING
GAO YUAN SHEN QIU late autumn on the high plateau yellow rose
GE JING dark-red filled
Gelbe aus Riga yellow peony from Riga yellow single Rockii Peony: Gelbe aus Riga
GENG SHANG YI CENG LOU purple anemone
GONG DENG lantern of the palace purple hydrangea
GU CHENG XIANG HUI meeting in ancient city black-red single Rockii Peony: GU CHENG XIANG HUI
GU SHA JIN ZHONG gold bell of ancient temple multi crown
GUAN AI loving and care white single
GUAN GONG HONG pink single Rockii Peony: GUAN GONG HONG
GUAN SHAN YAN YU pink filled
GUAN YIN DOU white single Rockii Peony: GUAN YIN DOU
GUAN YIN MIAN pink-rose single Rockii Peony: GUAN YIN MIAN
GUAN YING DOU white lotos Rockii Peony: GUAN YING DOU
GUANG HUI LI CHENG purple-red rose
GUANG MANG SI SHE white-pink single Rockii Peony: GUANG MANG SI SHE
GUI FEI ZUI JIU red lotos
GUI FU REN real Lady white rose
GUI ZHONG SHAO FU young wife's home pink single
GUO CUI light yellow
GUO HONG red single
GUO YAN pink single Rockii Peony: GUO YAN

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